is a road’n’roll-spirited survival story about friendship, love – and difficult choices.

One-Way Ticket to Mombasa had its premiere in Finland in the autumn of 2002 and was seen by 150 000 cinema viewers. The film has travelled the world to tens of festivals. All in all, it has received 26 awards to become one of the most awarded Finnish films ever. Its distribution rights have also been sold to 20 countries. As a result of an audience vote in Finland the film received the Jussi Award for Best Picture of the year in 2002.

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Main roles

Antti Tarvainen
Joonas Saartamo
Johanna Rönnlöf

Director and producer Hannu Tuomainen
Screenwriter Hannu Tuomainen
Atro Lahtela
Cinematography Pekka Uotila F.S.C.
Sound design Pietari Koskinen
Set design Christer Andersson
Costume design Elina Lario
Makeup & Hair Marjut Samulin
Choreography Marika Viirilä
Film music Samuli Putro
Martti Salminen
Editing Jukka Nykänen

The Finnish Film Foundation
Nordic Film & TV Fund
Egmont Entertainment
Cinemaker Oy, 2002